SEQUENCE1 – Electronic Music Compilation by Futuresequence

SEQUENCE1 is a 42 track album of outstanding ambient and experimental music from various artists, compiled and released by electronica magazine Conceived as an anniversary release, marking a year since Futuresequence's launch, this epic production contains exclusive tracks and new works exploring the global frontiers of the electronic music scene.


Cityscapes by Fetal Pulse

Fetal Pulse is the name of an experimental electronic music project by Canadian musician Pedro Costa. ‘Aurora’ was the first video for Fetal Pulse’s debut album Cityscapes, a 10 track album released on the 8th March 2011.

Cityscapes is an instrumental album with a lot of charm and character. Mainly down-tempo, part ambient, mostly melodic, the tracks sit perfectly side by side to create a beautifully balanced whole. Pedro puts his musicality to good use conjuring up themes and dynamic changes that always flow and sustain interest. The sounds are colourful and the cleverly designed musical arrangements offer the right sonic combinations at the right times. This is an album that always feels comfortable and welcoming, like an old friend whose company you appreciate, time and again.

Film by: Richard-François Léonard, Stéphane Drouot and Zakaria Mofril, licensed under Creative Commons.

Photography by: Craig Cloutier,  licensed under Creative Commons.

Also available via

Luna by Sergio Altamura

A haunting composition played to perfection by Italian artist Sergio Altamura, guitar and loop machine. From his first solo album “Blu” produced by William Ackerman in 2004, available at

More info can be found via his website: and his Facebook community page at

Fans of solo guitar music can listen to more gems like this via the CandyRat YouTube Channel and there’s a selection of favourite Solo Acoustic Instrumental Videos on this PLAYLIST



DISS Migration from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress

This post marks the migration of “Dave’s Imaginary Sound Space” previously found at to it’s new WordPress home, here at

All blog posts from the original Windows Live Space are now archived here, however the extensive link-lists are not supported by the automated migration process and are only accessible via the original link. Eventually all of DISS will vanish by March of 2011 when Microsoft will disable access to the Live Spaces blogging platform completely.

Original announcements regarding the new Live Spaces/Wordpress partnership and related details can be found via: The Windows Blog and WordPress Blog

Windows Live Writer Beta 2 Released

writer_screenshot Microsoft have released a new version of Windows Live Writer, the desktop application that makes it easy to publish rich content to your blog. Having created this post immediately after a smooth upgrade installation, first impressions are good. 

Some of the new authoring features include:

  • Comprehensive table creation and editing tools
  • Auto spell checking as you write
  • Improved hyperlinking and image insertion
  • Full synchronization between online and offline applications 
  • Paste Special – Plain Text or HTML (Embed Tags, YouTube etc)
  • Support for categories, Blogger labels and back-dated posting
  • Excerpts and extended entries

Writer can now publish to Windows Live Spaces, Sharepoint, WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, Moveable Type, Community Server, and other weblog services.


With just a mouse click the feel and look of the application can be changed instantly to any color you like using the new colorize button on the menu bar.

New image editing options allow rotation and contrast adjustment and it’s now possible to automatically link to a previous post via the insert hyperlink menu.

Other useful Writer capabilities include back-dated posting – you select any date for the post to appear, easy insertion of maps from Virtual Earth, and rich media plug-ins like audio and video tools available from Windows Live Gallery and reviewed at Windows Live Writer Plugins. Just Select Add a Plugin from the app sidebar to launch the Live Gallery site. 


Good Things Coming…

Having been nine months in the making, this is a worthwhile update for existing users with a range of very usable improvements. The open plug-in platform and API-driven building tools make further customization ongoing and easy to implement. Judging by developments at Popfly the future looks very promising indeed, watch the video below.

The above video was inserted using Paste Special.

If you’re upgrading from a previous installation remember to update your account settings to ensure you’re getting all the latest features (Tools/Accounts). As usual with beta software releases, reporting and solving application problems is part of the process so don’t expect perfection.

Further details of this release and developer information can be found at the Windows Live Writer team blog – Writer Zone. For more Live news, free applications and Vista resources see Windows Live Tools.

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Videos of Harp Guitar Performances

Three videos of harp guitar performances by Andy Mckee, Don Alder and the late Michael Hedges.

Andy McKee – "Gates to Gnomeria"  


Don Alder – "Sayonara Calm" 


Michael Hedges – "Because It’s There" 


More Recordings 

YouTube has a selection of harp guitar performances by several exponents of the instrument.
Recordings of these performances under Creative Commons licenses are rare but Swedish composer/guitarist Thomas Almqvist ( right) is sharing a cool live recording of a 16-string harp guitar at called Embla. Thanks Thomas!

Albums on Amazon



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Free Cartoons and Webcomics from

xkcd is a webcomic created by former NASA roboticist Randall Munroe. His drawings are published under a Creative Commons license and you need no permission to reuse them for non-commercial purposes, just provide attribution to New comics are published on the site at midnight every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Here are some samples from the collection archives, click on the images to visit the source.


Digital Rights Management


"If you think the purveyors of DRM simply want to protect artists, check out chapters 13 and 14 in Free Culture, by Lawrence Lessig. Their goal is the elimination of all culture they don’t control." 


Content Protection 

"How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity" Lessig.


XKCD Linkage

There’s more info about the characters, themes and content style (Nerd/Romance Humor) at Wikipedia xkcd

You can also find lots of interesting things to see and do in the Forums including other artists sharing works under Creative Commons.

Here’s the Comic Feed: 

Here’s the Blag Blog and check out the Store for things that you can wear or put on your wall, like this Map of Online Communities –>

"I’m waiting for the day when, if you tell someone ‘I’m from the internet’, instead of laughing they just ask ‘oh, what part?" 

Resources for Drawing, Cartoons, and Webcomics

Ourmedia Relaunches with Channels of Creativity

Ourmedia has relaunched with a minimalist look and new focus on media channels. There is now more emphasis on the social interaction around media and ways to draw attention to the good stuff. Here are some of the features available.

Channels @

Channels are media streams categorized by subject or interest that include content such as music, podcasts and video. People can highlight media hosted anywhere on the Web and group media together into themes. Ourmedia members can now easily create their own social broadcast networks and post items to their channels using the special browser tools mentioned below. Each item is a bundled document of media data; on posting you simply enter the relevant details into the template fields and click submit. The fields include:

  • Media URL
  • Media Page URL (source)
  • Thumbnail URL
  • Screen Shot URL
  • Artist Name
  • Artist Homepage URL
  • Comments URL
  • License (option menu)
  • Player (type)

Here’s an example that took just a few minutes to create: Chill Channel

RSS Feeds

Available feeds are split across two domains with the new user-created channels residing at

Has four main channels that are currently enabled for media streaming:

  • Audio
  • Images
  • Text
  • Video

    All user-created channels have RSS feeds although at the time of writing these were not media-enabled for streaming files via widgets. Hopefully this will change as the new features are rolled out.

  • You can also view related news feeds using the aggregated News Reader.

    Browser Tools

    Toolbar Buttons – Let you post and view channels from within your browser.

    Two bookmarklets can be dragged to your browser bookmarks toolbar:

    • Post to Ourmedia Channels – This button allows you to post your current page to your Ourmedia channels.
    • My Ourmedia Channels – This button allows you to quickly view your Ourmedia channels.

    These provide a useful way to populate your Channels with media just discovered or when revisiting favorite sites.

    Open Media Search

    Located at the top left-hand corner of all pages is the new Google powered search engine. This makes it easy to search for ‘open’ media by source, media type and license. Searchable domains include:

    Creative Support

    The Learning Center provides help with key aspects of media creation and distribution through a series of how-to guides and tutorials. Everything is published under Creative Commons.

    The Open Media Directory is a list of free and legal media hubs, highlighting cool sources of audio, music and video that’s safe to share or remix. The list may be republished under the CC license terms, an example being the recent Creative Commons UK Mix and Mash Film Competition which used it to provide support for Video Resources.

    Putting Ourmedia to Work

    Along with the social functionality of Ourmedia, the features I’ve outlined above make it easy for people to create and share legal media in an open environment.

    The Search Engine and Open Media Directory both help you locate free and legal media which in turn can be posted directly to your Channels using the browser buttons. Overall a clean and tidy package without all the clutter and commercialization of other media sharing destinations.

    Related DISS Media

    Free Sounds – Legal Audio Samples, Loops, Software, Music and Video Downloads.

    OpenSonics – Open Music Community News and Copyleft Media Resources.

    Open Music Search – A Google Custom Search Engine for exploring the Open Music Ecosystem. Grab the widget and spread free music!

  • Convert RSS Feeds to Banner, Javascript or PHP

    Blog Signature Generator allows you to create a dynamically updating news banner (signature) that links to the original feed source. It also generates a Gravatar connected to your email address – "an 80×80 pixel avatar image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside your name when you comment on gravatar enabled sites." has an online wizard that converts RSS news feeds and podcasts into Javascript or PHP code. The wizard can batch convert multiple feeds and apply blanket customization features for display options and style.

    Mash and Grab RSS Feeds

    You can find a good selection of RSS feeds via the Mediaspheres Grazr – Right click on any list title to grab the feed (copy shortcut).

    You can also grab a selection of pre-mashed RSS feeds via Dave’s FeedRaider. Each single-page aggregator has RSS, OPML and Embed options at the bottom of the page.

    The FeedRaider RSS feeds can be pasted into the Grazr address field (open View on menu, choose Address Bar), then select the refresh icon on the right of the browser to view the combined feed mashup.

    For more RSS resources and web widgets see Feed Pitstop and Widget Finder.


    ccMixter Adds Dynamic Audio Playlists

    The state of online music remixing and Open Music distribution took a significant step forward recently with the release of ccMixter’s new audio Playlist feature at A community-driven playlist tool for sharing Creative Commons sound samples and music.


    The application combines several key areas for creators that make it easy to find, share and promote legal audio and music works:

    Collaboration – It’s about connectivity, creativity, distribution and interaction. Social media at the heart of Web 2.0Web4

    Creative Commons Licenses – Open, flexible, copyright options designed to foster freedom of ideas. Ranging from some rights reserved to public domain.

    RSS Feeds and Social Syndication – Preview and create dynamic audio playlists – grab RSS feeds for your web-mashups, podcasts and social networking websites.

    Killer Features

    There are currently four tabbed views for managing Playlists:

    Hot PlaylistsCreatePopular RemixesNew

    Multiple playlists can be opened simultaneously in the ‘Hot’ and ‘New’ browse modes.

    Create Dynamic Playlists

    In the ‘Create’ view you can quickly make customized, automatically updating playlists using the simple online interface. There’s a choice of parameters to choose from that allow you to locate and filter media files for fine-tuning the list.

    These include: Playlist Types, Artists (users), Tags, License Type, Ratings, Time Period and more.

    Free Registration

    Registered users can save and share their playlists including individual list items such as songs and samples. Full integration between community lists make it a breeze to add media items from one list to another with a single mouse click.

    New playlists can be created on the fly instantaneously, for example when browsing and listening to audio, in a seamless listening environment. Each list you create is automatically added to your community profile area.

    RSS feeds are generated for all your playlists. You can also edit important elements in your list such as dynamic parameters, the order of list items, tags, playlist title and description.

    Simple html formatting is allowed in the description so you can include links to websites, contact information or the location of a web page widget that uses the playlist feed.

    The ability to dynamically create playlists/podcast feeds by licence type, combined tags and other key factors makes it easy to create hybrid audio channels including sound sample based feeds as well as music playlists.

    For example here’s a dynamic RSS feed for a capella melodies based on user ratings:

    Click on this icon to view and listen to the feed in a Grazr widget Open Grazr

    There are also filtering options for Popular Remixes, which shows the audio media most frequently included in playlists.

    Further details and upcoming features can be found at How to use PLAYLISTS

    CC Music 2.0 Fueling Web 2.0

    Make no mistake, ccMixter is the complete package. No other remix site commands the same level of respect amongst musicians, producers and content creators.

    The tight social networking fabric combined with a philosophy of open media creation provides a truly creative environment for users of all levels and musical styles. In this community everyone works together; sharing, rating, reviewing, mixing, promoting, distributing, learning – Forums

    ccMixter playlists utilize the power of citizen DJ distribution, contributing to the growing culture of shared media networks and social tribes.

    Artists, bloggers, filmmakers, listeners, and podcasters can all interact to create collaborative resources and original compositions. Anyone can use these compositions to build new, derivative works, be they music, video or other media forms like web-mashups, in accordance with the licensing terms.

    Widgets, Pipes and Tubes are the plumbing through which these rich media creations can flow using URLs and RSS feeds.

    These intelligent crowdsourcing activities are becoming increasingly prevalent as the need for media filtering and recommendation prevails. Musically and culturally speaking, DJs have always provided the editorial factor so important to informing the wider music community. Todays web DJs are restricted only by the technologies they use and their knowledge of Social Media. To learn more about this topic read the online ebook What is Social Media?

    Given the emergence of social mediaspheres and widgetized connective tools, now anyone can be part Data Jockey – Data Carrier.

    Widget Action: Take a look at some of the ways ccMixter and CC music are connecting in the Web 2.0 world.

    How to create personalized ringtones using ccMixter

    Web 2.0 in Five Minutes

    Related Sites

    Audio 2.0 – List of music, p2p, podcast, sound, and radio sites.

    Opensonics – Open Music Community News and Resources.

    Swik Playlists – Open source projects wiki.