Creating your own podcasts with MSN Spaces

Update: makes creating podcasts easy with their Smartcast technology. Simply register for a free account with Feedburner, burn a new feed URL and enable the smartcast feature. That’s it! You’re new RSS feed is now podcast enabled meaning most multimedia formats will be included in the feed. Your Feedburner account provides several other RSS services such as statistics and promotional devices. This service is freely available to anyone publishing an RSS or Atom syndicated content feed.

Smartcast was launched in October of 2004.

Burning Questions the feedburner blog has news on the latest developments.

Original post

Eric Rice may have found a way to create podcasts using MSN spaces and Feedburner. Good news for anyone wanting to compile their own podcasting feed. 


I think Podcasting from MSN works!
I think it worked! I’m doing some more tests.

Here’s how I podcast from my MSN Space
1. First, I link to an audio or video file that I’ve created (and possibly hosted anywhere online) and add the html tag rel=enclosures. A link would look like this (angle brackets removed):

[a href="" rel=enclosure]

2. Second, I create an account at Feedburner and create a new feed there with the SmartCast option turned ON. FeedBurner wants to know the feed address for my site. In this example for MSN Spaces, it is the link that is returned when you click on "Syndicate this site" up at the top of MSN Spaces blogs. That URL is (Note: your MSN Space URL is the same, except instead of ‘ericrice’, you would type your MSN Space name.

After I give that address to FeedBurner, they will give me a new feed address to share with everyone. In the case of THIS blog at MSN Spaces, the address I have to tell everyone about is the following:

Now, anyone who uses any of the great podcast software out there can subscribe to your podcast feed!

Download the MP3

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