Mixing and Mastering Audio Tracks

I came across a thread at the Renoise Forums talking about mixing and mastering your audio tracks. It’s interesting to see the approach and tools people use at this important stage of the production process. Renoise is the next generation of tracking software so loved by Amiga users.

The mastering stage is often a little known area unless you’re a studio engineer. So here are some links from the pros discussing the art of mixing and mastering. The same advice is useful to podcasters as well as musicians when it comes to delivering a good final sound.

"How To Mix A Pop Song From Scratch"  – a classic article by studio engineer Jezar.

CD Mastering  – information about mastering and tips for better sound recordings.

Web Mastering: The Art of Optimising Sound Files for Napster and the Internet  – an older article that still has some relevant advice.

The Project Studio Handbook  – a good collection of related articles on home recording.


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