Magnatune Embraces Podcasting

Magnatune is an open music net label that recently partnered with community playlist site Webjay to feature Magnatune music at Webjay’s site ( Magnatune artists and albums are showcased on the top right of every page of the Webjay web site.

Recently Doug Kaye mentioned "Magnatune considers podcasting of their music to fall within their Creative Commons license … Here’s an interesting comment from John Buckman of Magnatune:

As far as I’m concerned, a podcast is a non-commercial use of Magnatune’s music and as such, covered by the Creative Commons use of Magnatune’s catalogue, hence requiring no fee or further permission."

This is welcome news in the podcasting community where it’s been difficult finding new legal music content to podcast. Not because there’s a lack of Creative Commons music but more because there’s so much of it that it takes a long time to find the right material. Magnatune have a large catalogue of 326 complete mp3 albums to select from in several genres, of high quality.

The willingness of Magnatune to recognise and adopt emerging trends looks set to significantly extend the reach of the artists they represent. Podcasting is catching on fast, fuelled by mp3 blogging and massive support for RSS technologies. There’s been steady growth in syndication tools and this is filtering into the music scene, well known for its fast trend setting. It shouldn’t be long before software developers start to offer simple user friendly ways for people to create their own podcasts. Services like GigaDial already allow users to share existing feeds. Hosting and bandwidth for large audio and video files has been a problem but now we have BitTorrent.

Music activists Downhill Battle are already developing software, called Blog Torrent that makes it much easier to share and download large files using the bittorrent protocol.


As more net labels and independent artists adopt similar strategies to Magnatune, podcasting will start to flourish. Mass media has already acknowledged the "buzz" around podcasting, catapulting the name into the mainstream.  Potentially the artists, podcasters and consumers all stand to gain.


The notion of subscribing to your favourite band or DJ is very appealing. You could soon be getting songs, tour dates, live sets, and even video piped straight into your mobile phone.


According to the market researcher Gartner Inc, wireless phone makers shipped 156.4 million handsets to customers worldwide during the period April-June. The global market for handsets is expected to reach 1 billion units by 2006.


The future looks very interesting indeed, welcome to the age of personalised media.
More on Magnatune
Buckman’s Magnatune Blog presents business statistics, news, thoughts and developments.

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