Search MSN Spaces Using Blogdigger

I’ve added some more search tools including one for searching MSN blogs, on the right. It searches on blogdigger using the query prefix

You can refine your search by adding additional terms in the search box like this example for mp3

  • Original =
  • Yours    = mp3
Note: you must use the query prefix followed by a space and your search terms. The "site:" prefix can be used to search any URL like

Media Files

What’s really cool is the ability to search/filter for media files only like this

You can add in more keywords to narrow down your search, so a search for:
would give you all the MSN Spaces posts mentioning the phrase "blog" and linking to an mp3 file.
I’m impressed with the accuracy of blogdigger in relation to other search engines. It also provides an RSS feed for your search query which is great for tracking keywords or media files, how cool is that? For a more detailed explanation see the Blogdigger Development Blog. Leave a comment if you find any interesting audio/music sites or find any useful hacks. Use permalink or blog it below if you want to tell others about it.


One response to “Search MSN Spaces Using Blogdigger

  1. Hi Dave, I’m Greg from Blogdigger. I’ve been meaning to leave you a comment, but it took me a bit to get my Passport account set up…thanks for checking out Blogdigger, I’m glad to hear you’re finding it useful. Please let me know if you have any thoughts/comments/suggestions as to how we could do things better. Thanks!

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