Soundscapes Collections

What is a soundscape? describes the term as:
"An atmosphere or environment created by or with sound: the raucous soundscape of a city street; a play with a haunting soundscape."
Here’s a selection of sites to highlight the diversity of soundscapes available.
  • Soundscapes  is a community for lovers of those sounds that are found all around us, both in nature, in cities, and in the digital realm.
  • Catch Da Flava Soundscapes are the use of vocal and electronically generated sounds to express a feeling, make an impression, or tell a story. Audio works are produced for a public broadcast and distributed on CD’s.
  • Quiet American field recordings made in Vietnam.
  • has recordings of real environments you can listen to. There’s also a good links page and equipment list for people interested in making their own recordings.
  • Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast A streaming mix of downtempo chillout ethnic classical vocal sound effects type of thingy.
  • soundscape FM "Real world" environmental recordings for listening in streaming audio format.

If you want to have a go at creating your own soundscapes try these tools:

  • Insomnia Ambience a simple online ambient music generator that lets you choose from a mixture of loops to create a soundscape.
  • Atmosphere Lite is freeware that uses layers of natural sound elements to create endless random scenes. You can quickly configure and customize a scene from banks of presets and even combine your own sounds to produce instant atmospheres. Imaginary soundscapes can be applied to environments where such sound does not exist.

One response to “Soundscapes Collections

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