Sharing Picture Galleries

From time to time I’ll be featuring works by new artists and photographers in the photo album. Most pictures will be published using Creative Commons licences that allow you to use them according to the rights granted by the owner. The galleries will be titled by the web address and name of the author so that you can easily learn more about them.

If you see something you like and wish to use it, visit the owner’s website where you’ll find a selection of formats, terms of usage, and lots more of their work.

The sharing of pictures through social networks is an exciting, though sometimes misunderstood, new medium. This rich and instant form of communication is becoming more accessible through the availability of affordable digital technologies.

Ways of using “open source” images are only limited by your imagination. For example you could choose to increase awareness of a topic or artist you’re interested in or like. Perhaps you need graphics for projects like album covers, college assignments, flyers, theatre projection and website backgrounds.

Many of the galleries I’ll be showing here will be suitable for such things. Bye the way, if any one from Microsoft reads this, how about enabling a loop feature on the main slide show page so we can make our own screen savers!

Photography Sharing Resources

If you would like to share your gallery with us, leave a comment and a link to your site with a brief description.


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