Sharing Makes The World Go Round

If you still believe free file sharing of music files is depriving musicians of hard earned currency, I recommend taking a look at Different Currencies by Scott Andrew.

Scott manages to convey the idea that sharing music for free is a key factor in establishing a sound economic base. He does this by explaining the economics of goodwill, word-of-mouth, loyalty, mutual respect and the ultimate cost of DRM. When it comes to entertainment the current rates of exchange aren’t fixed by the colour of money.

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One response to “Sharing Makes The World Go Round

  1. For me, music making is a hobby. I love it dearly, certainly, but I have other loves as well that happen to make money for me. That said, my music could become a living, if I were to monetize the traffic that goes to I currently get tens of thousands of pageviews per day at If I were to start selling merchandise, all that traffic could keep me quite comfortable — and I’m just a little indie guy. The big boys getting 500,000 pageviews daily could make thousands of dollars per day in merch sales.It’s the dawn of a new age. Traffic is money. People buy it and sell it. They barter with traffic. The new dollar is measured in hits.

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