Early Electronic Oddities – The Audio Show

Here’s a really nice resource for exploring early electronic instruments from 1860 to 1970.

Take a guided audio tour through the earliest sound experiments, the Futurists, the first electronic instruments, vacuum tube technology, synthesizers, and the people involved along the way.

The show was originally broadcast on London’s Resonance 104.4fm. You can listen here but I recommend visiting the site for all the interesting information that supports the show.

Part 1:
1. Radio Nottingham – the Radiophonic Workshop
2. Chorale – Antonio Russolo
3. Celestial Nocturne – Samuel Hoffman (theremin)
4. Concerto for Ondes-Martenot – Andre Jolivet featuring Jeanette Martenot
5. Various soundtracks – Paul Tanner plays Electro-theremin
6. Now in heaven you can hear the latest Fall album – Hypnotique (Rhythmicon)
7. Jean-Jacques talk about the Ondioline
8. Demonstration from Fantasy for Mixtur-Trautonium – Oscar Sala
9. Telstar – The Tornadoes (Clavioline)
Part 2:
10: Bob Moog – talks about the RCA Synthesizer (background music: the Man from Uranus)
11: Nola – Felix Arndt (RCA synthesizer)
12. Return of the Elohim Pt 1- Zorch (VSC3)
13. CoilANS – Coil (ANS synthesizer)
14. Silver apples of the moon – Morton Subotnik (Buchla Modular)
15: Bob Moog talks about Raymond Scott (music from ‘Manhattan Space Research’)
16: Zwi Zwi oo oo oo – Delia Derbyshire (Wobbulator)
17: Modified clarinet – Reed Ghazal (Circuit Bent instrument)
18: In a Delian Mode – Delia Derbyshire (Radiophonic Workshop)
19. Return of the Elohim Pt 2 – Zorch (VSC3)
20: Futurama (Raymond Scott advert)

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