WikiBlog For Music Production Resources

When you arrive at you are presented with two choices, wiki or blog. Choosing wiki takes you to a page of categorised links that functions similar to an encyclopaedia. You’ll find topics for P2P, digital video, software and music production. Click here to learn what a wiki is.

Selecting a link takes you further into a topic or you can use the search box at the bottom of each page to search the database. The layout allows the user to easily explore and find related information. Users may edit the page at any point to add their own contributions to the site.

The wiki functions as a topic map for the weblog which focuses on "digital art, communication, programming, culture, business and music salad". Along with the timely news entries there’s a good podcasting blogroll and archives with many sound related posts.

All areas of the site are easy to navigate with links and search boxes that integrate into a seamless whole. Here are a couple of features to give you a taste of what’s available.

The Flavius Freeware VST System is a list of windows audio freeware compiled as a virtual studio kit for musicians. This is a really useful idea that groups interrelated software into a   meaningful context for users. Many of the items on this page will be helpful to podcasters as well as musicians. Expect to find sound editors and samplers, MIDI utilities, soundfont tools, VST hosts and instruments, effects modules, mix and mastering tools.

VirtualFlavius Playlists at  is a growing collection of music you can listen to in genres like Experimental, Full DJ Sets, DownTempo, BreakBeat, Acid.


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