Smooth House Mixes is a club music resource that makes it easy to find house mixes. There’s a handy list of links to specialist dance music sites and over 100 hours of mixed music.  A nice feature is the ability to dial up a random mix for listening via Real Player with the Smooth-o-Matic Random Groove! Links to all main media players are provided.

You can view the list of streams here.

Smoothouse is created by Peter Forret and you can check out his other projects at

Peter also has a podcast site called Smoothouse Mashups and Remixes and a site discussing the samples used in Mashup productions.

Here’s a podcast from his GigaDial station

  • Minnie Riperton – Inside my love (2.59MB; download) — This is the first Xampled Radio podcast. Topic: "Inside My Love" by Minnie Riperton Sampled by Tupac Shakur, Tribe Called Quest and Jean-Jacques Smoothie. (details: see Xampled: Minnie Riperton) This podcast was made with a Sam Ash SA-70 mike, a Line6 GuitarPort (works great for voice too) and Acid Pro 4.

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