Microsoft Media Player’s DRM Tool Exploited

CNET reports a new twist in the adware, spyware and anti-piracy scams currently exploiting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser security vulnerabilities. The latest findings involve misuse of Microsoft Media Player’s digital rights management (DRM) tool.

Video files are circulating on peer-to-peer file sharing networks that trick viewers into downloading adware and spyware by using pop up windows from within Windows Media Player. This is not a fault with Microsoft’s software which implements the feature as a way for content distributors to deliver legitimate information.

The report mentions;

"Panda and Harvard researcher Edelman each have identified a small company called Protected Media and file-swap fighter Overpeer as responsible for the Trojan-like Windows Media Player files."


Overpeer’s chief executive officer, Marc Morgenstern, denies any involvement with the downloading of spyware or viruses and claims they only practice the redirection of users to an authorized digital song store as an anti-piracy decoy.


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