Lost In Music – Meta Threads In Time

Music meta-lists

There’s a current thread at MetaFilter discussing sources of free and legal music downloads. Here’s another discussion at MetaFilter, minus the political correctness, from last year; MP3 blog roundup July 2004.

I decided to take a look through my bookmarks of tags, comments and mp3 recommendations just to see what similar threads I had accumulated over time.

One of my favourites is this Slashdot post Electronic Music 101?  Started by Cliff on Sat Jul 13, 2002 12:29 AM; that’s two years earlier than the above MetaFilter thread! My how time goes by eh?

What surprised me was this list post, MONKEYFILTER MUSICBLOG LISTING 2.0 which I recalled being much further back in time than the current date of November 15th 2004.  Oh, but wait, it does mention a server crash in 2004 so perhaps I’m right! Great mp3 blogs list anyway.

Equally disorientating, although not unexpected, is this list of 100 mp3 blogs also from July, 2004 which I remember coming across about the same time as the MONKEYFILTER list. Probably true considering the server crash.

I must have got lost in all the good music during this period because I seem to have an altered perspective of events. I suppose because mp3 blogging has become so prevalent music and time seem to merge although certain landmark posts tend to stick in the mind, no matter when they were posted. Going back I can still remember the warm feeling I had knowing all these sites were being grouped into convenient lists and locations that could be shared with music lovers everywhere.

Of course now we have Meta-lists like 1 million free and legal music tracks and mp3 aggregation resources like mp3blogs.org and http://del.icio.us/tag/mp3 and great mp3 site compilations like EC Brown: MP3 Archives.


The good thing is that new tools have emerged to develop and archive these trends and so preserve the great wealth of musical heritage in digital formats.

Webjay.org creates meta-lists of user playlists and me-tv does the same thing with video clips. Videos can be played back to back to create collaborative TV shows. Viewers can keep up with the new posts by RSS.

Torrentocracy brings it all a stage further by combining RSS, BitTorrent, your television and your remote control. Screenshots.


"By running torrentocracy on a computer connected to your television, you not only become a viewer of any available content from the internet, but you also become a part of a vast grass roots media distribution network."

Having spent some hours sifting through hundreds of "forgotten" bookmarks I began to appreciate the usefulness of shared meta-lists and their importance to the next generation of search and collaboration tools.


I like using Blogdigger.com  because it makes finding and exploring music topics much easier. In fact Blogdigger has a search prefix (subject:) that makes the mining of topics and tags a simple. 

The implementation to generate RSS feeds from these search results or "splice" feeds together with blogdigger groups makes syndicating keywords, categories and tags far more "open" than recent developments by Yahoo!Microsoft and Technorati.

Blogdigger supports interoperation and avoids vendor lock-in by letting you export your group in OPML so the data is yours. You can read about it on the Blogdigger development blog.

Here are some blogdigger groups examples:

If you have the time take a look around and enjoy what you find.

Music meta-lists:

Lost In Music
We’re lost in music, caught in a trap
(There’s) no turnin’ back, we’re lost in music
We’re lost in music, feel so alive
I quit my nine to five, we’re lost in music
Have you ever seen?
Some people who’s everything
Twisted go with their mind
Responsibility to me is a tragedy
I’ll get a job some other time, uh uh
I want to join a band
And play in fun the crazy things
Yes I go that temptation
Give me a melody
That’s all that I ever need
The music is my salvation…
We’re lost in music, caught in a trap
(There’s) no turning’ back, we’re lost in music
We’re lost in music, feel so alive
I quit my nine to five, we’re lost in music
Uh uh, in the spotlight
The band plays it very tight
Each and every night, uh uh
It’s not vanity; to me it’s my sanity
I could never survive
Some people asked me
What are you gonna be
Why don’t you go get a job? Uh, uh
All that I can say, I won’t give up my music
Not me, not now, no way, no how, oh oh
We’re lost in music, caught in a trap
Caught up in our music
No turnin’ back, ooh, we’re lost in music
We’re lost in music
Don’t take away our music
Feel so alive, feel
I quit, I quit, my nine to five, yeah
We’re lost in music…

Sister Sledge 1979  Clip. 


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