My MSN RSS Search Tools

My MSN has integrated RSS search with drag and drop modules for users to create their own information portals. Members can now search syndicated content using keywords to find topics of interest. The results can be quickly previewed and imported as multiple modules then freely arranged and displayed on the My MSN homepage as desired. To add a specific RSS or ATOM feed simply enter the feed address in the search box.

Monitoring search results and headline options

MSN provides a tracking option to monitor the search and keep up to date with the 10 most recent syndicated articles. This makes it easy to setup and follow several search topics simultaneously. Useful for website and subject monitoring, news scanning and watching the blogosphere buzz. A pre configured menu of feeds is also available for large media content providers including news, finance and entertainment.

There is a choice of headline options for choosing up to 35 headlines per feed over a period up to 365 days. News aggregation is handled by Moreover Technologies.

Overall MSN has managed to create an easy to use interface with some powerful features. It’s relatively simple to configure a page containing podcasts, blogs, news and stats, in fact anything capable of being distributed via RSS. Other Microsoft services such as MSN Communications can be included to make a personalised media portal. The service is currently in Beta so expect some rough edges during the testing.

MSN resources

You can find out more about MSN’s RSS development at this wiki for MSN Search RSS Feeds

Here’s MSN Search’s Blog.

RSS resources


One response to “My MSN RSS Search Tools

  1. msn has finally gooton on the bandwagon with RSS. I am glad to see that they are finally doing this. better late than never. We have experienced a few minor bugs during testing. however it seems to be working fine overall. we have added the capability to automatically create "add to my msn" buttons for RSS Feeds on our site. http://www.myrsscreator.comwe launched this site after a few months of rigorous beta testing. It allows anyony to create an RSS 2.0 feed in about 5 minutes. It is a feed creation, submission, button creation, & content management system as well as a feed hosting service(no bandwidth issues for publishers). Adotion of ourservice has been quite brisk and we were waiting for msn to go live with this feature. (they still have a few bugs in firefox) but it is working great.We are glad to see msn adding this functionality to the MSN users. This is going to help speed up adoption of RSS for the masses.Rodney

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