Creative Commons Music And Games

Music and games published using Creative Commons licenses are receiving widespread exposure. Creative Commons licensing is providing opportunities for people to share content freely and relatively safely using the latest technologies. Open source developers in the fields of music and games are using this level of freedom to collaborate and spread their work online. 

John Buckman of Magnatune  recently announced on his blog, that music by three Magnatune artists is being used for computer games under Creative Commons licenses.

Jan Hanford, Jeff Wahl, and Solace all have music featured on games by the same author, TONYPA. The free online games are also published using Creative Commons licenses and can be found at the links below. 

Magnatune is one of the largest CC music netlabels, currently gaining much exposure via podcasters and the blogging community. This example shows one more way in which people can benefit from Creative Commons. Magnatune already licenses music for use in independent films and recently secured a breakthrough with artist Solace being featured in the big budget movie "Eternal". Breaking into the multibillion dollar computer games market seems only a matter of time considering Magnatune’s high profile.

Promoting and sharing CC material is extremely easy because the licenses state clearly what the material may or may not be used for. This makes re-mediating the work attractive to a wide range of content publishers. Creative Commons is rapidly becoming a useful platform for marketing this type of open content. Podcasters have been quick to adopt this pattern of use and many are witnessing strong growth and interest in subscriptions. This is partly because of the availability of huge amounts of new content and the legal pitfalls associated with RIAA material.

Ironically it may be that the more the RIAA seeks to prohibit open file sharing the more true music lovers will turn to legal sources of new music like independent net labels. Of course the RIAA is already working on this because it knows the major record labels control the music distribution networks. Hence the RIAA’s operation to control any "illegitimate" method of distribution including P2P networks and BitTorrent technologies. Interestingly Magnatune has moved into the distribution chain offering a new service to artists and retailers.

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