News Flash Madrid Windsor Tower Building Fire

News is just breaking about a large fire in the Windsor 32 story tower building in a commercial area of Madrid, Spain. Huge fireballs and chunks of melting metal are reported falling down the side of the building which is collapsing. It’s too early to know what caused the fire which started around 10:30pm Madrid time, authorities believe it may have been a short circuit. The office building is empty at this time and no casualties have been reported. 8o firemen and 17 fire engines are at the scene. Fire fighters cannot reach the fire located in the upper portion of the building because it is too high. Three fire fighters are being treated for smoke inhalation and minor injuries.

There is fear of the fire spreading due to the intense heat (800c) and helicopters are spraying nearby buildings with water. There is a superstore opposite that is at risk. The Windsor building is surrounded by restaurants and bars and many people out for the night will have their journeys interrupted due to the closure of roads in the area. The commercial building was built in 1969 and has received major refurbishment over the last six months. The towering inferno is 106,0m / 348.7ft high.

Original information source: Reporter Paul Green-Turner eye witness account via live broadcast on UK radio station TalkSport 00:30. This was the first media broadcast of the fire in the UK.

Other blogs reporting the fire: Aborto, Naruto Blog Community, InXpiración, Living Deadly, Enekyn, GurusBlog, HispaLibertas.

Video reports and pictures

Madrid Skyscraper faces collapse BBC video report and slideshow photos of events surrounding the fire.

Ongoing Updates for the latest reports and speculations on the Madrid Windsor Tower fire.

Gallery of Photographs:


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