UK Music Industry Voices Fears About Creative Commons

Music Week a Uk music industry publication has published an article voicing concerns that Creative Commons licenses may be unnecessary or damaging for artists. The article appears to draw attention to fears that may be completely unfounded regarding the use of CC licenses. The Magnatune label which uses CC licenses for it’s releases is mentioned in the article which is posted in full on the Magnatune blog.

Music Week has been seen as an important music industry publication for many years in the UK. As such it is highly influential and any mention of a threat to publishing institutions will be looked upon with uncertainty and confusion. Music Week is very much entrenched in conventional music business practices see the tour here.

Magnatune boss John Buckman, currently living in London, is understandably concerned. No doubt he would be wise to talk with influential figures in the UK independent music scene.

You can listen to John Buckman and his ideas for Magnatune in a recent podcast Revolution #10 and in an earlier interview on Staccato Episode 7. Both are excellent sources of new music. Find out why he created Magnatune here.

Over 5 million web pages link to Creative Commons licenses.

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