Podcast Jukebox And Playlist

Search4RSS.com now has a podcast jukebox for playing podcast feeds. You can select a show from the podcast playlist which is made up of popular and aggregated feeds. The expanding playlist provides a good mix of podcast types including music, technology, lifestyle, chat and more.

The use of aggregated feeds like audio.weblogs.com and Creative Commons public sharing feeds like soundspy podcasting provides an open user environment. This delivers an endless choice of timely new podcasts that anyone can share and participate in.

Selecting a source from the playlist loads the feed into the Flash player. A transcript or description of recent shows is displayed along with direct links to the MP3 download files. You can now choose which shows to stream using the podcast player. Once you start the player you can pause and continue from that point or move to any other show. Learn more about the developer Vishal Parikh. Original Jukebox Player scripted and designed by Jeroen Wijering.

Being able to play or stream a podcast is a valuable option for the user, podcaster and hosting service. It means podcasts can be auditioned and sampled before committing to a large download. This saves bandwidth and speeds up the process of finding content that is relevant and wanted.

Embedding media players is a growing trend for small sites wishing to distribute audio and video content. Grass roots developers, often in their spare time, have made it possible for web users to use these technologies in ways far more open and easier than ever before.

Media player embedding tools: online forms and information to generate the correct HTML code for placing a media player on a website.


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