PodcastPromos.Com Podcasts Within Podcasts

PodcastPromos.Com is a free service for podcasters to exchange podcast promos.The forum lets podcasters post links to promotional audio files (promocasts?) hosted elsewhere and available for download. The files can then be shared and placed in each others podcasts.

Trucker Tom says,

"The idea is simple — people post links to their 15 or 30 second long "who, what, where, why" podcast promos requesting that other people play them in their podcasts. The only thing asked in return is that they play other peoples’ promos in their own podcasts — sort of a podcast promo link exchange service."

Anyone needing help with voiceovers can try RadioDaddy voice over exchange. Both services are free.


Search4RSS.Com adds podcast search to streaming jukebox

On the subject of podcast promotion search4rss.com has added a podcast search feature to its podcast jukebox. The podcast jukebox page now sports an expanded playlist of podcast shows and the ability to search podcast transcripts and blog posts. All of which brings me full circle as while searching for ‘Creative Commons‘ I came across this at GeekNewsCentral.Com

"When we move to the new Server we will be putting up a BitTorrent tracker for all Podcasters that play podsafe music aka those artists with a creative commons license displayed on their website." Geek News Central Podcast #40 2005-2-18 podcast archives.

This is kind of what I was looking for and sounds very useful, any news on this would be much appreciated. I’ve already created a Blogdigger group with a selection of CC music podcasts that tracks and compiles the RSS feeds into a searchable database, Podcast Digger.

Anyway, the point is that my Creative Commons podcast search led to me having a good look around GeekNewsCentral.Com where on the news aggregator page I spotted the link to Podcast Promo’s aligns with Podcast Connect. Consequently I have signed up for a free account at Geek News. This allows me to login to other Drupal powered websites and gives me the option of contributing to the forums or via the blog feature should the need arise. Meanwhile I’ll be visiting the site and enjoying the podcasts.

On the other hand the debate continues about services making other peoples content more accessible see How Dare You Make My Content More Accessible! and The Coming RSS Feed Licensing Mess

define:simple define:syndication Hmmm…

It’s funny how the word sharing is frequently linked to the words control and profit. Now where was that Scott Andrew link?

Artists looking for ways to promote their music may find the following list of links useful: Unsigned Band Promotion & Free Website Directory Submission

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