Deepnet Web Browser

Deepnet Explorer is a relatively new browser from a UK company. It provides a combination of standard Web browsing with P2P-file-sharing capabilities and a built-in RSS/Atom newsreader. The integration means you can browse the Web, share files, and read news simultaneously via the tabbed interface.  

The browser uses the Internet Explorer rendering engine but claims to be more secure than Firefox or IE due to it’s anti ‘phishing‘ alerts and elimination of browser helper objects (BHO). What many will find interesting is the ability to browse the Gnutella P2P network to share and download files. The P2P browser in Deepnet Explorer is legal; however it is illegal to download copyrighted items. You can read the FAQ for overall details or visit the forum.

Features include:

  •  Web + P2P + News
  •  Tabbed Browsing
  •  Multi Start Pages
  •  Phishing Alarm
  •  Adverts Killer
  •  Content Filter
  •  Cookie Manager
  •  Auto Login
  •  Form Filler
  •  Direct Search
  •  Keyword Navigation
  •  Mouse Gesture
  •  Super Drag & Drop
  •  File Sharing
  •  RSS News Reader
  •  Full IE Compatibility

Tags:  Internet, CSS, Web development, Firefox, Web Standards, software.


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