Mediatuner Rich Media Aggregator And Player

Mediatuner is a web-based rich media RSS aggregator and player. It works using the latest Macromedia Flash Player in your browser and is compatible with both PC and Mac systems.

 Mediatuner integrates media management and streaming into a single browser interface similar to other web applications like Bloglines. The difference here is you can play audio, video blogs, podcasts, live video, Flash games, as well as view text information such as news, sports and standard blogs.

The free registration process is instantaneous and once done you immediately have access to a selection of quality RSS feeds in a range of topics and media formats. This means you can use it straight away and customize your account when you have the time.

The features are impressive boasting a search engine for finding feeds and content, the ability to add new feeds and import OPML links, integrated streaming media players, and support for over 80 file types including: 

  • Quicktime
  • mp3
  • pdf
  • flash
  • mp4
  • mpeg
  • gif
  • jpeg
  • png
  • html
  • plain text
  • avi
  • real media
  • windows media
  • torrent
The Rich Internet Application (RIA), requires no program downloads or installation.

Via RSS Compendium Blog


2 responses to “Mediatuner Rich Media Aggregator And Player

  1. Wow i havent got a clue what all this stuff is about, but if i did know , i bet it would be well intresting.x

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