Buzz Search Engines and Social Tools

This is a selection of search engines and tools that target word-of-mouth buzz sites, online help and shared bookmarks. The emphasis is on text based tools that tap into social networks and other sources such as online communities that utilize a high level of human interaction. All services can be accessed and browsed freely without the need to subscribe or log-on.
The examples mentioned show a trend towards user defined relevance, as opposed to search engines like Google, that use page ranking factors to determine what’s relevant to a search query. Many of these social tools use similar systems of collaborative categorization known as "tagging". Tags are generally descriptive keywords attached to bookmarks and documents that help to organize content into topics. For more information about tagging see Wikipedia:Folksonomy and the links to related resources further down.
Blogs, News, Social Bookmarks and Tags
Blogpulse is geared to discovering trends in the blogosphere. Features include a Search Engine for blogs, a set of Analysis tools that are applied to blog content daily, a fun look at real-world Trends as reflected through blogs and a section for creating your own Trend Graphs with the BlogPulse Trend Tool.
BlogMarks is a relatively new bookmark management service that lets you search public bookmarks and browse tags.
Buzztracker gives a visual representation of news on the net, showing relationships between locations in the Google world news directory. This is a useful tool for harvesting links to important news stories and events of global interest.
CollaborativeRank is a search engine for searching bookmarks shared via (see below). Meaningful tags to helpful/timely URLs are ranked higher in the search results. A variety of related tags are also displayed in the results. is one of the most popular social bookmarks managers and consequently has a very large database. It allows you to build a personal collection of links, that may be categorized and tagged with keywords, and easily be shared online. Each category you create automatically gets its own RSS feed with support for media files including audio and video. Many other services are off-shoots or provide enhanced features for delicious such as tag searching. is an online service combining Social Bookmarking, Tagging, Blogging & Notes.  
Digg is a user submitted and edited technology news website. It combines social bookmarking, blogging, RSS and user comments with features that allow integration with other websites. helps you navigate bookmarks by searching for Title, Tag, Creator, Site, Feed, Description and displaying related tags along the way.

FeedTagger allows anyone to search, browse or subscribe to regularly updated information, such as Newspapers, Blogs, and Websites. In addition, descriptive tags can be applied to each of these sources (feeds) to help identify the many types of information available.

Findory integrates blogs, news and web search to build a personalized newspaper for each reader. It remembers your history of searches making it easy to find and navigate relevant information. Individual blog pages are enhanced with links to related blogs and stories.

Furl is another popular online bookmarks manager. It lets you quickly save a webpage to your own personal archive along with a clip of the page and a description. Each saved entry can be designated a category and tagged with keywords for easy retrieval later. Archives can be shared with the rest of the community and bookmarks can be found using the search engine.


IceRocket searches the Web – Blogs – News – Phone Pics – Images – Multi Media – Find A Friend. It also has a blogs trend tool for creating graphical displays of mentions plotted over time.
Oishii is kind of a mini-zeitgeist. oishii! polls the front page every 5 minutes, and returns all sites bookmarked by at least 30 people.
Scuttle is an Open Source, free online bookmarks manager with tag browsing and a search engine. not a search engine but provides a quick overview of popular and fresh bookmarks from – furl – spurl – Simpy – linkroll – OpenBM.
TagBert is a tag service aggregator – type in a keyword, and you will find photos, products, links, goals, and more from 43Things, and  Flickr.
TagCloud lets you create and manage link clouds with dynamically updating content, which can be put on your own website (see bottom of post).
Taggregator lets you search and Flickr photo tags simultaneously. This link takes you straight to the audio results with related tags.
TagLines is a visualization of current news and articles built from RSS feeds. News items appear as single words presented as a tag cloud. The most talked about items appear larger than the least. Selecting a Tag opens a menu with a choice of feed lines (an Ajax enhanced link). You can choose to view Shanahan’s Tags, Flickr Photos, Images, Movies, News, or the Web. The content is loaded dynamically without refreshing the page, for a smooth browsing experience.
Tagzania lets you share places and maps (Google) using tags and pictures with descriptions of the territory. 
Technorati Tags lets you browse/search blog posts by tags (categories). Delivers a combination of blog search, and Furl bookmarks, Flickr tagged photos.
Trendalicious is a near real-time view of website popularity trends as reflected by the social bookmarking service. All URLs that have been posted by a minimum of two people in the past fifty minutes are displayed, ranked by the total number of recent posts.
Waypath is a blog search and discovery tool. Blogs on News scours the Web to see what bloggers are saying about the latest news stories. You can track individual stories or keep up on the latest news in a selection of popular news categories. Topic Streams use concept-analysis software to identify automatically the subject matter of every new blog post. You can browse a stream to see what bloggers are saying about a particular topic or suggest new topics that interest you.
Wikinews collaborative journalism with original reporting written from a neutral point of view.
Wists is a visual bookmark search engine that shows results as pictures and allows you to create groups of tags, called ‘themes’, in order to manage large numbers of tags better.
Zniff lets you search a collection of about 2 million bookmarks gathered by the users of the Spurl bookmarking service. You can also include results from Yahoo!
Communities, Forums, Message Boards and Newsgroups
BoardReader lets you search across multiple forums and message boards. It uses the Vivisimo Clustering Engine to organize results into meaningful hierarchical folders. A blogs search is in the pipeline.
Gear Buzz: The industry insider from Tweakheadz allows you to quickly jump back and forth between audio sales info and the ‘word on the street". Using frames it incorporates Google Groups and Yahoo Groups along-side links to audio products and manufacturers. You can also browse the Tweakheadz computer music site at any point.
Metafilter is a community style collaborative blog with search for comments, threads, and users over a selected time period. See also the Metafilter Tags page which lets you browse posts via tags attached by users.
Tagsurf is a new type of online message board which uses tags to help organize subjects instead of threads or channels. Tagged messages can be searched and members can get tag alerts via IM, Chat and Email.
Wikipedia: Moblog explains the terminolgy and provides links to services that allow users to publish content to the internet from a mobile or portable device.
Winksite has a directory and search engine for finding mobile enabled websites including blogs and RSS feeds.
Buzznet is an online community that connects people through photo sharing. There’s a search engine for finding photos tagged with Buzzwords and a music area for bands to upload pictures. See the FAQ page for detailed features.
Flickr is an online photo management application that lets you store, sort, search and share your photos. It allows tagging of photos, comments, notes, and the ability to post to any blog.
Power Tools
KBCafe Search is a meta RSS search engine which allows the user to quickly switch between the results of various search engines. Search types include: Blog, Jobs, Link, New, Podcasts, Shopping, Source Code, Tags. You can also subscribe to the results of searches via automatically generated RSS feeds.
TurboScout lets you view your search results across multiple search engines from within a single page, making the search process faster and easier. The in-page toolbar lets you type a search query once and then switch between search engines for the results. Tabbed search categories include Web, Images, Reference, News, Products, Blogs, Audio & Video. Each category provides a useful selection of popular search engines.
Fagan Finder search interface with a selection of Blogs and RSS Search Engines to choose from.
Questions and Help 
Ask MetaFilter is a discussion area for sharing knowledge among members of the MetaFilter community. There’s a search option for finding keywords within the posts.
Can’t Find On Google is a site where people having difficulty locating information can post details of the query and get help from other users.
Wondir helps people find practical, focused answers to questions, with an emphasis on connecting people who have questions with other people who can provide help. It does this by utilizing a combination of live human answers, broad metasearch, and deep search of the invisible web.
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