Indie Music Feeds Aggregation and Promotion is a podcast promotion service for independent music. Labels and artists involved in the independent music scene can submit their podcast feeds for inclusion in the database. Audiofeeds maintains a strict moderation policy to ensure all music is legally safe to download. Music is shared under a Creative CommonsMusic Sharing License which means you can download, copy, share, trade, distribute, and publicly perform (e.g. webcast) any of the availabe files. All styles of music are welcome and each category of music genre has its own page with a RSS feed.
Audiofeeds is currently sponsored by an indie music website with a streaming media player for discovering talented new bands. 
"Our streaming player allows listeners to check out new acts and view their sites. At the artists’ site, they will be able to listen to more of the artist’s music and benefit an unsigned/independent artist instead of helping feed the monster that has become the music industry…
…We’re here to help the labels run themselves into the ground and take away the control they’ve had over the music industry for far too long. The control belongs to those that create the music, not those who buy the rights and fatten their bank accounts through any means possible." 
RadioAid also presents, a site for inside information on the music industry and the business practices of radio giant, ClearChannel.
Underheard showcases non-commercial  radio shows from more than twenty stations in North America. You’ll find free music, new and old, that can be streamed, downloaded or subsribed to via RSS.
"We’re a handful of music lovers and technologists, who are embarassed by the state of American commercial radio and the American music industry. We know that there’s plenty of good stuff to listen to out there, but thanks to profit-minded entities like Clear Channel and RIAA, you can no longer find it on either your radio dial or your computer."
The shows come from listener supported community radio stations and feature good music you would usually never get to hear. There really is something for every music lover to discover here.
For a list of free legal music resources see Podsafe Music Resources. 

One response to “Indie Music Feeds Aggregation and Promotion

  1. Hey Howdy there neighbor!Thanks for spreading the word about the other side of the music industry! RadioAid thanks ya sir!

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