Bitty Browser an Embedded Interface for Web Pages

Bitty Browser is a miniature browser that can be embedded into any web page using some HTML code. You can display your choice of Web site, XML, RSS and Atom feeds or podcasts. It works on all popular browsers without the need for a plugin.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work from within MSN Spaces so I can only show a working preview here. DISS link also lets you view this site full size in the Bitty Browser which provides access to features through the navigation panel at the top of the screen. You can learn more about the features at The Bitty Browser Guide page.
One of the many cool things I like about Bitty Browser is the Open URL feature. This enables the browser as a type of command-line tool capable of quickly accessing a range of online services and tools.
Some of the things you can do:
  • Browse tags saved on popular social bookmarking services just by typing a keyword or user name.
  • Browse and play podcast feeds.
  • Read XML, RSS and Atom feeds in the browser window.
Other features include:
  • An out-of-the-box directory of web sites and Google search.
  • The option to add the active browser to your own Web site with customization. A site from the directory can quickly be grabbed for viewing via an embedded browser on another site.
  • Network links for sharing your content with a wider audience. When other sites join your network, your content then becomes available to their visitors too.   
It’s going to be interesting to see how people use this tool considering the many applications it can be adapted to.

2 responses to “Bitty Browser an Embedded Interface for Web Pages

  1. Awesome blog! Really brilliant pictures too. Stay what you are good at. You have true talent!Keep on rockin’x Steph x

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