Phonetags: Social Bookmarking of BBC Radio Content Using Mobile Phones

Phonetags lets you use your mobile phone to bookmark songs you hear on the radio. The technology is currently being tested in collaboration with the BBC.
Listeners to BBC- 6 Music can bookmark a song they like by typing an ‘X‘ into an SMS and sending the text to a BBC short-code (text X to 64046 when you hear the song).
You can access a list of your bookmarked songs online by entering your phone number into the search box at Phonetags.
X marks the song and any other words typed after the X are considered tags. The tagging system allows you to navigate your own tags and those of others.
A new concept called ‘magic tags’ can perform additional actions such as assigning a bookmarked song with a rating; *one, *two, *three, *four or *five.
There are pages of the top-rated songs for any given tag, making it possible to create peer generated charts for just about anything. This is a really useful music discovery and navigation tool that will be interesting to watch develop. has an informative article that explains the concept and development of Phonetags – Reinventing Radio: On Phonetags… and here’s The podcast of ‘Reinventing Radio’…
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