Social SWF: Popularity Ranking of Movies

Social SWF lets you view popular movies shared on the social bookmarking network. You can think of it as a top twenty viral clips aggregator. This is how it works: 
Ranking and Selection
Clips from movie sections at (mov, mpg, mpeg, wmv and avi) are ranked according to number of blog posts with direct links to them (checked via Technorati). The number of occurrences for each clip at and the number of linking blog posts at Technorati are then taken as the input to produce a popularity rank for each clip. After probabilistic analysis – consisting of a test to confirm that sample distribution is consistent with exponential distribution – top 80% of most popular clips are selected.
Download and Convert
Selected clips are then downloaded and transcoded on the fly to Flash (SWF) format. MPlayer and FFmpeg are used to test, download and convert clips from any format to Flash SWF. The list and clips repository refresh twice per day …
In order to play a clip, please click on corresponding thumbnail image; for Technorati cosmos, click on the text link …
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