Songs from the Commons a CC Music Podcast Show

Songs from the Commons is a new podcast series focusing on the Creative Commons movement and music. Lisa Rein showcases the new creative frontier in a step by step guide to copyright issues affecting artists and the public. Weekly MP3 shows will feature a mix of informative interviews, soundbytes and quality music released using CC licenses. The format will introduce alternative ways for people to participate using flexible licenses specifically designed for sharing works. The idea is to spread a basic understanding of Copyright Law and foster debate about the key issues affecting Intellectual Property.
"So basically, if you want to spend five minutes a week learning about Copyright Law, in an attempt to begin to understand what the hell is going on with these landmark cases and how the average person is ultimately affected, while listening to cool music in-between, then you’ll like this show." 
Episode 001 The Copyright Bargain – focuses on the history and development of traditional copyright, the original intention behind the copyright concept and the contrasting state of copyright law today.
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The podcast is distributed as part of the MondoGlobo Network, a collective of podcasters.
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6 responses to “Songs from the Commons a CC Music Podcast Show

  1. Hi, I was just wondering… I JUST got the windows media player on my MSN space… but I cannot find any videos or anything play on it? Do you know where I can find some videos to put in there? The codes I had would not work. (from a free video code site) I have ONE playing now only because a fellow MSN blogger shared it with me, lol! Anyway, just trying to find out! Thanks for reading! Have a great day!! (((HUGS))) ~~ Shivonne

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