ZS4 Video Editing and Compositing Software

ZS4 is video editing and compositing software that lets you combine photos, video and audio files into one or more output files. It features over 100 built-in video effects and has the following audio capabilities: 
Audio Features
  • Up to 16 audio channels per track (input unit for mixer). Tracks limited only by available memory.
  • Unlimited number of video/audio effects for every track.
  • Audio mixing with unlimited amounts of sub-groups in unlimited subgroup levels (16x16x16… mixing limit).
  • Integral audio dsp running 48 kHz (16channels x 32bit) with 64bit normalization safety.
  • Sox audio processing on all platforms. zs4 will implement a sox front end which seamlessly integrates with native features (in progress) .
  • Musical time toolbars to allow for time related operations within the context of beats/bars/parts. See Musical Loop Tutorial – looping of both audio and video signals simultaneously, with adjustable cross-fade on loop boundaries.)
  • Full cross integration of audio and video. (noise gates triggering video effects. video brightness controlling volume etc.)
  • WAV format. 
The creators of ZS4 use it for making music videos and provide some insight about their production techniques in Using ZS4 for the Creation of Music Videos
System Requirements
Performance may be sluggish on a computer with less than 512mb of ram and a 1ghz processor. A better processor is recommended although earlier versions may run on less powerful systems.
ZS4, Zwei-Stein is free for personal use and available for the Linux, Mac OSX and Windows platforms. The website has help for users including; installation information, tutorials, manual, technical articles and User Forums.
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