Public Domain Extreme Synth Sounds Audio Database

The Extreme Synth Weirdness Project is building an audio database of user created synth sounds and demos. Anyone can email MP3 files or links demonstrating extreme use/mis-use of sound equipment. The media files are then made available online complete with documentation describing the equipment used and sound creation process.
The idea goes beyond the audio demos usually supplied by equipment manufacturers and is intended to show the hidden potential of a single synth, sound software or multi equipment setup.
Submissions to the ESWP are considered in the public domain unless otherwise noted. This allows participants a degree of flexibility, including the use of Creative Commons licenses if neccessary.
Musical Equipment Audio Demos
The Audio Playground synthesizer museum has a good selection of interactive sound demos of vintage instruments.
  • Virtual Drum Machines recreated online so you can play with the interfaces and hear the original sound sets.
  • Virtual Sound Sheets are interactive sound demos of classic electronic instruments. These are the real demo discs supplied by the instrument manufacturers.
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