Google Blog Search and Advanced Search Operators

Google has launched Google Blog Search its long awaited blog search engine. Actually it’s an RSS feed search, indexing all of the content it finds in any published RSS feed. The new service has been integrated with the website and the overall performance is very fast.
Here’s the Google-style interface and here’s the Blogger-style interface. The Blogger interface provides on-page access to "show search options" which reveals the link: command so you can see who’s linking to a blog or blog post.
Google Blog Search supports all of the standard Google Search operators and some new operators of its own:
  • link:
  • site:
  • intitle:
  • inblogtitle:
  • inposttitle:
  • inpostauthor:
  • blogurl:
  • For example to find posts in DISS blog with the keyword music try:
    You can filter the search by relevance or date to find the latest posts on any topic. For DISS site the results appear to go as far back as March 2005. For example if you want to find posts where I’ve mentioned Creative Commons licences you can try:
    If you’re looking for free music that’s legal to download and share try "Creative Commons Music" which searches for the exact phrase across all RSS feeds.
    You can also subscribe to search results via Atom or RSS feeds at the bottom of the page. See about Google Blog Search for more details and the blogosphere buzz.
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