Tools for Sonic Journeys and Finding Sounds by Geographical Location

SoundTransit is a collaborative, online community dedicated to field recording and phonography. It is home to a growing database of sound recordings made in various locations worldwide. Each recording is a sonic document of sounds found in a particular environment. SoundTransit lets you discover the sounds of various cultures by ‘booking‘ a sonic journey between two locations including stopovers. The site then creates a composite MP3 file for you to play or download made from audio found in the SoundTransit database.

Upon booking a sonic trip from Australia to Brazil via Belgium, my embarkation involved an anxious binaural tooth extraction in Sydney. The aural/oral torment eventually faded, carried by the support of chanting Planktone spectators in Antwerp. Eventually I reached my final destination riding at dusk in a small boat on the lago, where I could contemplate these experiences accompanied by the slightly less abrasive sounds of South American birds, frogs and insects.  

Exerpt from documentation:

"The drilling phase of my own wisdom tooth extraction is recorded with binuaral microphones and another set of microphones taped to my jawbone to capture sound via bone conduction. This is an extract of a 14 minute recording of the entire extraction operation which occurred in 2003. I still find the recording quite painful and nasty to listen to – especially the moment when the tooth is cracked! The sound seems to me to originate from the site of the tooth – a haunting ghost of the process of its extraction."

The Search section, lets you search the database for specific sounds by member artists from many different places. Phonographers are encouraged to contribute recordings using the Creative Commons Attribution license which allows others to share and reuse the work. SoundTransit rss-feeds will be available soon.


Geotagging Audio Files 

  • Freesound Geotags shows sound samples tagged by geographical location on a map of the world by using Google Maps technology. The Freesound community also shares audio files under Creative Commons licenses.

Above links via Opsound the Open Sound Resource for copyleft music.


Field Recordings and Soundscapes

  • – The phonographers section aims at creating a directory of artists who use phonographies (field recordings) as a primary instrument in their compositions.
  • RadiantSlab – repository of shared field recordings.  


Podcasting: Location Recordings and Sound Seeing Tours

Podcatcher Feed:  – you can also view this link in your browser and play individual podcasts shows from the page.

Creator Jim Blodget also experiments with making binaural field recordings using his invention – the stereo hat microphone.

Podcatcher Feed:


Sound Search Engines

  • Findsounds is an audio files search engine that provides categories for location sound effects both man made and natural.


SoundScape Software 

  • Tweakbench Field VST Intrument is a multisample based ambience generator. Using original field recordings by twerk, field  allows you to generate suitable backing ambience for any track.


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