Elektromusik Database of Electronic Music Web Radio Stations

Elektromusik.com is an online database of Internet radio stations specializing in electronic music. You can search the database using specific keywords or browse stations by genre including House, Techno, Trance, Dance, Lounge, or Other.
There are currently around 150 music stations available from across the globe. All stations can be streamed from the page making this a great central broadcasting resource for specialist music. There’s also a blogs section where community members may post news and comments. For example broadcasters can post radio announcements and listeners/Djs can talk about their interests and post music news. 
Created by Julien Ott
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10 responses to “Elektromusik Database of Electronic Music Web Radio Stations

  1. hi i’m a 13 yr old female from malta.. i have recently been trying to find a way how i can put music on my msn space and it will play automatically.. can u help me pls? thank you take care and btw i like ur site

  2. Hello Kiranne, these links have information on how to add sound and video to MSN Spaces:http://www.anywhereenterprises.com/help/msn-spaces.htmlhttp://spaces.msn.com/members/mike/Blog/cns!1pG4qKNdtRA5Nl-UhvZI_1rQ!3174.entryIt's usually worth taking a look around the comments posted there to get a feel for some of the common problems people experience and learning about useful solutions.Remember to protect yourself by not using content that is restricted by copyright law. If in doubt leave it out and look for music published using Creative Commons licenses. You can find lots of information about CC music in my write-up on Podsafe Music Resources at:http://spaces.msn.com/members/soundblog/Blog/cns!1pXOS7l93k8mqeQ7FlEEmOSQ!907.entry

  3. hey, im a newbie to msn space and i looked at the sites u recommended and i am sooooo confused… what can i do? i really, really need help… kool site tho… 🙂

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