Podzinger Search Within Podcast Audio

Podzinger lets you search inside the audio of podcasts by using speech recognition technology to convert speech into text.
"When you type in a word or terms, PODZINGER not only finds the relevant podcasts, but also highlights the segment of the audio in which they occurred. By clicking anywhere on the results, the audio will begin to play just where you clicked.  There are also controls that let you back up, pause, or forward through the podcast. Or you can download the entire podcast." about
Podcasters can add their podcast RSS URL online and Podzinger willl send the html insert to add a search box to their website. This is a valuable feature for podcasters that can unlock the content usually ‘hidden’ within  individual mp3 audio episodes.
To use Podzinger you need to be running an IE shell browser and have RealPlayer installed. All audio is streamed via embedded media players on the search results page and you can quickly jump between multiple podcasts to cross reference conversations. The search engine also attempts to distinguish homophones ie site, sight or cite with varying degrees of success and explicit content is flagged so you know what to expect.
via MoMB – The Museum of Modern Betas.
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