High Ranking Blogs in Google Search Results

Do you have a blog with a top Google Page Rank for a particular search term? Peter Forret takes a look at some top ranking blog titles and keyword combinations in Google Toppers: pick your title carefully.
It’s interesting to see the keyword penetration blogs are getting in Google’s search results. A few high rankers I’ve spotted include: 

Read/Write Web 1st out of 308,000,000 results for: write web
Alice Hill’s Real Tech News – Independent Tech 1st out of 189,000,000 for: real tech
Guardian Unlimited:Technology Blog 1st out of 168,000,000 for: technology blog
Music Technology Blogs
createdigitalmusic.com 1st out of 222,000,000 for: create digital 
Digital Music News 1st out of 147,000,000 for: digital music news
Music thing 1st out of 123,000,000 for: music thing
High Google Rank and Blog Traffic
It’s worth mentioning that high ranking search terms for a blog are not necessarily an indication of searches that generate high traffic. Some of the highest rates of traffic to this blog come from popular posts that rank high in smaller "search spheres" such as podsafe music and podcast hosting. The examples below show a bit more detail.
Most hits are generated by people searching for specific things, events, products or services. High traffic spikes are related to the timing of blog posts, especially where important breaking news is concerned. Bloggers quick to respond to current events both locally and internationally usually see an initial rise in traffic. With important events people are often interested in multimedia content like pictures, animations, audio and video files. Consequently my blog title is well suited to news reports involving space flight and the transmission of digital sound signals. Depending on the circumstances and type of topic written about there can be a time-lag before interest picks up.
MSN Spaces Blogs
There are currently several MSN Spaces blogs in the Technorati Top 100 list of blogs (as measured by unique links in the last six months). It would be interesting to know what keywords they get high ranking with.
Here are some observations for Dave’s Imaginary Sound Space which has been in existence for almost one year (shortly after the launch of MSN Spaces). The fact that the blog and blogging service are relatively new may be of interest as is the rapid growth in the number of MSN Spaces. 
Amongst other factors, Google treats words occuring in the URL and title of a webpage as important when determining page rank. See the music technology blogs above. The URL of this site is http://spaces.msn.com/members/soundblog/
Google page ranks change constantly so I’ve included results for 1st and 2nd positions which research has shown to be the most clicked on.
As a subset I’ve included some high Google ranks relating specifically to combinations using the words Microsoft, MSN and Spaces. These results can be more significant to people using or searching within Microsoft networks, communities and services. Note that the totals will be changing all the time as the size of the Google database changes.
Total Google results for the following keywords:
Microsoft = 759,000,000
MSN = 150,000,000
Microsoft Spaces = 9,080,000
MSN Spaces = 4,890,000
Microsoft MSN Spaces = 1,990,000
Examples of Google Search Results for DISS
2nd out of 94,500,000 results for: sound space
1st out of 89,500,000 results for: free sound space
Microsoft = 759,000,000
1st out of 2,090,000 for: Microsoft sound spaces
2nd out of 13,900,000 for:      ”      sound space
Notice the difference in the two results due to the change in the last letter.
MSN = 150,000,000
1st out of 12,400,000 for: MSN legal music
1st out of 2,720,000 for:      ”    safe music
MSN Spaces = 4,890,000
2nd out of 3,970,000 for: MSN Spaces free music
2nd out of 2,970,000 for:    ”         ”      mp3 search
Four Word Combinations
1st out of 21,200,000 for: music audio media space
There are literally hundreds of these combinations and a little searching provides some interesting insights.If you know of a word combination that shows a blog at the top of Google’s search results share it with us in the comments.
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