Screamer Radio – Internet Audio Freeware

Screamer Radio is a free Internet radio application for PC developed by David Zidar. It comes packed with powerful features including a good selection of station presets, multiple soundcard capability, direct MP3/OGG Vorbis audio stream recording and encoding of OGG Vorbis or WMA as MP3 using Lame.
The auto updating station presets are categorized by geo-location and music genre. Talk radio channels are also provided and the forum has an area where people can suggest quality radio stations. Screamer-FAV Editor is a free software download that lets you create your own station favourites list.
You can also stream Internet MP3 files directly, ie podcasts, by selecting Open URL from the File menu. Right clicking on the interface displays a menu of clipboard options such as Play From Clipboard. The record command allows you to download as you listen and if you hear something in a podcast or radio show you like you can start recording in the middle and still save the audio you heard previously. The recording buffer can be set in the software preferences along with the other record settings.
The Screamer Radio Wiki has instructions for beginners and advanced users. If you want to learn more about how it works and what it’s capable of there’s a brief overview in the manual.
Overall this is a well thought out, easy to use program and a music tool I’ll be using frequently. (600k installer, supports multiple languages)
StreamRipperX a MAC Internet radio recorder that lets you record songs from multiple Internet radio stations as individual MP3 files.

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