Khoma Album – The Second Wave

Swedish rock band Khoma release their new album The Second Wave on Roadrunner Records April 3rd. You can get a preview of what’s to come with a free mp3 download called Stop Making Speeches  available from the media section of the bands website. Khoma’s music ventures beyond the token aggression of most heavy rock bands to penetrate the more subtle realms of emotion and imagination. Another Khoma track, Medea, can be heard at the bands MySpace.
The core of Khoma consists of three band members including vocalist Jan Jamte, guitarist Johannes Persson, and Fredrik Kihlberg on guitar/vocals/piano. The surrounding band members are a rolling collective of musicians that combine to produce a huge sound built from walls of churning guitars, rumbling  bass lines and powerful drums. This sets the stage for the strong soaring vocal melodies that carry the arrangements to their final destination.
The band were originally known as Koma but were forced to change their name due to spanish punks and international copyright laws. You can listen to track previews from their first self released albumTsunami  which is currently on sale through Klicktrack Digital Downloads or Black Star Foundation for the CD. There’s a good review at
Should be appealing to fans of Radiohead, Muse, Mew, Sigur Ros, Kashmir, A Perfect Circle, Cave In, Killing Joke, The God Machine.

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