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Aphilas are two Helsinki based producers with an excellent 6 track EP available for free download at the Internet Archive. Instrumentally Ill is a jazzy Trip Hop excursion into a mellow land of melodic themes, laid back funky beats and sampled sounds.   
A1   Lifelong Fiction
A2   That’s Just What It’s For
A3   Collective Memory Loss
B1   Remain Solid
B2   Blind Matador Techniques
B3   The Dubbed Coil Of Smoke
Quicktime Video: That’s Just What It’s For, by Flex 2 (francesco & paolo).
Intrumentally Ill was originally released in mp3 format on 31 Aug 2003 via Miasmah – see Discog Profile 
"Miasmah music is about finding inspiring and atmospheric music & sound from a worldwide community of underground artists. All freely downloadable as MP3s."
Browse Miasmah’s collection of audio files at the Internet Archive. View all Miasmah media by date added.
Intrumentally Ill was later released in the US as a 12" EP, Jan 2004 on Merck Records
Aphilas on
Grant Robertson featured the Aphilas track Collective Memory Loss  on Day 31 of the CC:365 podcast. The CC:365 project is highlighting a different song every day to complete a full calendar year of the best of Creative Commons licensed music.
RSS feed available at 
Grant is a strong supporter of open music and is the Program Director for Freematrix Radio, a streaming radio station that plays copyleft music. He also hosts another Creative Commons music podcast: The Revolution
You can listen to the first 15 episodes of The Revolution, in reverse chronological order at Webjay.
Also available via the Internet Archive, microtonner – sub zero is a ten track album of dark post-rock-industrial electronics on the Laridae Netlabel. A combination of pulsating rhythms, distorted guitars and ambient drones entwine to create expansive sonic atmospheres.
majestic vibe
no development
not only one
sub zero
third song 
Microtonner are Paul Proll and Martin Baumann from Austria. You can download more mp3 tracks at the website.
Browse Laridae’s collection of audio files at the Internet Archive. View all Laridae media by date added.
More on the Internet Archive
All of these projects use Creative Commons licenses which means you can freely download and share the music under the written terms. If you want to share your own music creations in the same way the Internet Archive will host your audio files for free. Creative has a free tool called ccPublisher that you can use for uploading media files to the Internet Archive. The tool will also tag your audio and video files with information about your license.
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Artwork thumbs: Aphilas & Microtonner

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