Realtime Graphics Generators, Screensavers & VJ Resources

Don Relyea is an artist, musician and programmer with a growing collection of interesting art tools and works. His Real Time Contextual Art Generator is the first in a series of around a dozen interactive contextual pieces that he’s working on. The online application lets you enter text search terms to automatically generate photo/text layouts. It uses Google Image Search to contextually map images to the query and algorithmically lay them out to form collages.
There’s also an enhanced downloadable version with command keys, animation loop mode, layer transparency control, font control, the ability change screen resolution, and the ability to export jpegs of your design (freeware).
Don produces Algorithmic, Systemic, Generative, Contextual and Digital Art and his site hosts many cool works to explore and interact with including Animated Algorithmic Art Engines, Screensavers, Dynamic Webcam/Satellite Art Machines and the Postmodern Modernist Generator, to name just a few.
Don Relyea’s Blog is the place to learn about his latest developments and other interesting art projects. He also makes good music and you can stream four of his tunes at the Don Relyea MySpace (Progressive / Progrsv House / Electronica).
It’s a Wonderful Whorld
Whorld is a free, open-source visualizer for generating geometrical patterns. You can use it to generate realtime animations with the inbuilt demo patches or create your own and save them as playlists. It will also save single frame images and movies. Visualization parameters can be adjusted manually, or modulated by oscillators. The program is optimized for VJing and can be synchronized to music, using tap tempo, or MIDI clocks.
Main Features:
  • Master settings include Speed, Zoom, Damping, Tempo, and Rings.
  • Effects include mirroring, fill, outline, and x-ray (transparency).
  • MIDI controllers can be assigned to all parameters.
  • Patches can be selected via user-assigned keys or MIDI.
  • Exports still frames (as bitmaps) and movies (as AVI files).
  • Uses the artist-friendly HLS color model.
  • Includes comprehensive documentation.
  • Can be used as a screensaver
    For a detailed overview of Whorld’s capabilities see the Documentation. You can get a preview by visiting the image gallery and movies page. Developer Chris Korda also has an interesting music application that I’ve mentioned before called Mixere.
    VJ Resources Mixes & Video Clips
    Beatfix Studios DJ/VJ Jeff Mission provides a selection of QuickTime clips.
    VJCentral a community site for VJs by VJs intended for newcomers who want to learn how to create live visuals as well as for experienced VJs looking for inspiration, advanced tips and/or other fellow VJs. The software section has a good selection of freeware audio visual applications.
    VJ Torrents high-quality downloads of VJ Mixes.
    Video Hosting, Sharing & Digging
    Ourmedia provides free storage and free bandwidth for all types of media files including video, audio files, photos, text or software forever.
    Participatory Culture Foundation provides open source software and tools for Internet television and media distribution. Projects include:
    • Broadcast Machine – a web-software for publishing internet TV channels, including video blogs and video podcasts with BitTorrent support.
    • Video Bomb – a new community created to help people discover and share interesting videos. People submit links to the ‘Incoming!’ page and you bomb the best ones. If a video gets a lot of bombs quickly, it makes it to the front page.

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    Images created by Contextual Art Generator & Whorld 

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