Songbird’s Maiden Flight

Songbird the open source media browser and Web player is due to spread its wings tonight. As expected the launch of the new "iTunes killer" is stirring quite a buzz in the blogosphere.
At the time of writing the Songbird server is straining with the load as eager young fledglings flock (return?) to the nest for first pickings.
From the homepage:
Sometimes too much love hurts.
Thanks for the amazing response, but all this slashdotting has brought the server to its knees. Rest assured that we’re working on it.
If you experience problems you may be able to get the free Songbird browser on these download mirrors:
Get Songbird!
Available for PC, Coming soon on Mac OS X, Linux and more.

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One response to “Songbird’s Maiden Flight

  1. Congrats on Best of MSN Spaces.  I will definitely be spending some time out here.  What a great resource!  Thanks for sharing.  MT

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