Audiri Music Community For Artists & Fans

Audiri is a new music community for artists and listening fans that takes its inspiration from the old The service provides a platform for artists to promote their work by hosting audio and video files that can be discovered using a number of community tools.
The site lets users browse music genres to find bands and stream tracks prior to downloading. Multiple media files from different artists can be selected and queued for playback using the Flash player. All music is supported by artist information including bios, photos, tour dates etc. 
Purchasing Music
Community members can purchase credits which are used to buy media downloads offered by artists:
"1 credit costs around $0.20, however, you can get them for cheaper if you buy more of them at a time. We do this system because of the fees involved each time we process a credit card. This ends up saving everyone money in the long run. Plus you don’t have to put your credit card information in every time you want to buy something."
Artists 80%  Audiri 20%
The artist decides whether a track is free or the amount of credits a download will cost. Payments are split with 80% going to the artists and 20% going to Audiri. For more on setting up a sellers account see: How to sell songs online through Audiri
Music Distribution Offer
From the Signup My Band page: 
What we offer:
» 200 free Megabytes
» Online Song storage and streaming
» Image Storage
» Event Calendar
   What you get:
» Exposure
» Reviews and Ratings
» Revenue from CD purchases
» Automatic band page [example]
Audiri offers an easy to use solution for both the music producers and the consumers. The model and design provides a strong sense of community and emphasizes support for artists. Although the service is very easy to use it would benefit from a help/FAQ page to guide visitors before registration, including a clear outline of the method of payment to artists (Paypal), available audio formats and licensing terms. Obviously it’s early days and these points can be addressed in the future.
One thing I would like to see is the integration of tools and navigation for finding music published using Creative Commons licenses and similar flexible copyrights. Also where are the RSS feeds? I’m interested to know how a "closed" system will fare in the current onslaught of open media distribution.

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2 responses to “Audiri Music Community For Artists & Fans

  1. Hey, ino this is completly unrelated to ur blog entry but i duno wer to post general comments!  i was just wunderin if u cud tel me ow u got windows media player/songs onto ur space cz i wana put sum songs on mine!  if u have a spare minute my names Sheree nd email address is, nd if u cud get bak to me thatd b absolutly fantastic!  Cheers!

  2. Hello Sheree, instructions for adding the media player and other "power tools" can be found at  The Space Craft. Here’s the link explaining how to add the media player to your Space: Windows Media Player PowerToy.

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