Stickam Multimedia Communications Tool

Stickam the free service that offers a streaming multimedia tool for websites has officially launched. The Stickam player allows you to add audio, video, photos and live video chat to webpages simply by inserting the generated code where you want the player to appear (JavaScript/HTML). It’s available in four different sizes; 160×200, 160×400, 480×240, and 760×420 (Video Chat Only).There is no software to download or install (FAQ). also hosts community tools that help you to discover and share information including site search, media galleries, viewing live users, uploading movies from a mobile phone, bookmarking and direct video recording to your movie gallery page. Your member’s page on can act as your homepage and comes equipped with a Stickam player. 
Main Features
1. Stickam Player
– Plays videos, music, and a photo slideshow.
– Acts as a video chat host for live audio/visual broadcasting (videoconferencing).
– Can be added to almost any webpage.
– Customizable size, color, and skin.
2. Stickam Profile
– a personal page where you can place links and promote your web presence.
3. Individual Movie Codes
– Use this code to post a video on your webpage.
4. Video Chatroom
– View up to 12 live webcam feeds and chat with an unlimited # of users.
5. Media Commenting and Rating
– Comment and Rate on users photos, videos and music.
– Bookmark your favorite Stickam users.
More features are in the pipeline, Blog.
Supported Formats, Bandwidth  & Storage Space
Audio: Up to 100MB per file, mp3 and wav
Photos: Up to 5MB per file 320×240 & 160×120 jpg, jpeg, and gif
Video: Up to 100MB per file 320×240 & 160×120, avi, mov, wmv, 3gp, and mpeg.
Storage: 500MB of online storage and unlimited bandwidth for free.
Stickam provides an easy to use integrated media solution that’s flexible enough for most purposes. The ability to stream/record live audio and video should make it popular with users of social network applications like MySpace.

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