DTV: Internet TV for Windows

Participatory Culture Foundation release their open-source internet TV application DTV for Windows on February 21. The free software application known as Democracy player is the centerpiece for the internet TV platform and is already available for Mac users.
The TV platform has four components that allow users to watch, share and broadcast video via the internet. 
  1. Democracy player – desktop browser and viewing application.
  2. Video Bomb – public website for sharing videos and creating personal feeds.
  3. Broadcast Machine – software for publishing channels (RSS feeds) of video from websites.
  4. Channel Guide – an open directory of internet TV channels, video podcasts and video blogs. 
DTV is built on open standards and aims to facilitate a free flowing, vibrant community for the distribution of video content. Video Bomb has already generated a lot of interest since it was released earlier in February. It allows you to create your own channels of favourite videos that can be shared in DTV and iTunes. See also Use to make awesome channels.

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