Podbop Mashup Finds Live Music Events & Free MP3 Downloads

Podbop is a mashup using the Eventful API and a music database to help you find and listen to bands playing in any city. This is a really useful tool that combines live events, music discovery, downloading and podcasting in one easy-to-use package. It has the potential to deliver much of what we need in terms of bands finding audiences and people finding bands.
Enter the name of a city and Podbop will display a list of bands with upcoming events in that location. Users can play/download mp3 files and subscribe to a podcast feed automatically generated for that city.
Bands not already showing mp3 files are assigned a Blogdigger link that searches for relevant audio files. Audio files within the Blogdigger results can also be streamed using the Webjay play feature.
Key Podbop ingredients involve geo-location and the ability for users to interact with the music in five direct steps.
  1. Search – find bands, music and concerts by city and artist.
  2. Streaming audio – lets you "taste" the sound first.
  3. Mp3 downloads – lets you listen to individual bands later
  4. Podcasts – lets you subscribe to bands/music by location and automate mobile listening
  5. Live concerts
It’s a simple win-win situation. People get to check out the music and the bands get free promotion for concerts, products, merchandise etc.
Podbop was launched on February 15th 2006 and will continually develop as artists submit details to Eventful and the Podbop artist database (search for artist by name and enter details if nothing is found).

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3 responses to “Podbop Mashup Finds Live Music Events & Free MP3 Downloads

  1. I found your space by way of msn’s "What’s Your Story". You have a great space here with lots of helpful information so I featured your space on mine this week. ~Ciao, Tora

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