PD-Radio Open Webcast for the Pure Data Community

PDradio provides streaming music shared by members of the Pure Data community. There’s lots of experimental electronic music to hear. The DJ voice is created using voice synthesis software.
"PD Webradio is a self-regulating virtual radio station for the PD-community.
You can listen to the music-stream, vote for songs you would like to hear and upload your own PD-related music.The automatic radio moderator will talk to you and give you more information about the songs.
PD (aka Pure Data) is a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing."
listen to the radio stream; you may need to manually open the URL in some media players:
128 kbps: http://pdradio.iem.at:8000/pdradio_128k.mp3
96 kbps: http://pdradio.iem.at:8000/pdradio_96k.mp3
Via Remixlinks – a ning-based social bookmarking application for sharing remix & mash-up links.
Internet Radio Stations
If the art of noise and electronic music programming leaves you feeling a little nervous, try some sonic healing via Relax Radio or the Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast.

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