Web Tools for Downloading Videos

The following web-based tools will let you download videos from most video host sites including Google Video, iFilm and YouTube. Change the downloaded file extension name to .flv 
Read the FAQ sections on the sites below if you need a suitable media player, conversion utility or further help.
KeepVid.com allows you to download videos from more than 40 popular video hosting services. Once you have found a video you want to download simply select the host service from the displayed list then enter the URL of the web page with the video on it in the textbox.
Googlevideodownload.com lets you search on google video, ifilm and youtube or directly enter the URL for your video to download. The site provides thumbs of all search results and ‘zeitgeist’ style features for browsing video content. The optional free registration provides a "My Videos" section for tracking and categorizing your favourite videos. You can download the following formats: AVI, MP4(MPEG-4), and FLV. 
YouTube Getter a free tool for Windows XP/Internet Explorer that allows you to download video files with a right mouse click. No need to open the video first, the .flv format videos can be played back on a player like FLV Player.

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