MOT – Free Music Downloads

MOT are a five piece band from the UK offering a feast of free mp3 downloads. The band delivers catchy tunes with lyrics that tell witty stories, ripe with social comment about life and love in London town. There’s a distinctly retro feel about the music which always remains focused on the melodic hooks supplied by the shining vocals and lead guitar riffs. The drums, bass, guitar and keyboards carry the rhythm with enthusiasm in a tight, flowing foundation for the melody lines. There’s a mixture of musical influences reminiscent of bands like The Stone Roses, Supergrass, Madness and The Kinks. All tracks can also be streamed via the downloads page at the website.
MOT are:
Ryan O’Donovan: vox
Phil McGuirk: guitar
Sam O’Donovan: Rhythm guitar/keyboards
Lan Gaglione: Bass
Dan Fossard: Drums
Free mp3 downloads:
London Rain
Can’t Take Anymore
All Dressed Up
New Revelation
Brand New love Affair
I Must Be Paranoid
You’re A Star
Tell Me
All Out of Love
Sign of the Times
Waiting For You
What’s Going On
Something Happening
More on the band:
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