Web 2.0 Tools and Resources for Managing Social Bookmarks

Managing and sharing our online bookmarks can sometimes be a laborious process especially considering the growing number of services we have to choose from. Social bookmarking provides a rich source of information for discovering interesting resources and trends. For example Hublog mp3blog TopList, Hype Machine mp3blogs Toplist and MoMB – Popular Betas (March 2006), all use the most popular bookmarking site del.licio.us. to factor list rankings.
Many companies are taking advantage of these hand-picked bookmarking databases, building useful tools and services that incorporate human and algorithmic functions to provide more efficient information solutions. Here are some recent tools and resources that can make social bookmarking an easier and more profitable experience.
Automatic Submission and Tag Generation Tools
OnlyWire lets you publish bookmarks to multiple bookmarking services simultaneously. Once registered you simply enter your user name and password for the various services you use and add the bookmarklet link to your toolbar. Now you can bookmark and email your favourite sites more efficiently from one central link. Wikipedia: Bookmarklets
Socializer allows you to easily submit a link to several social bookmarking systems from one convenient link. Selecting the link launches a central interface to all the major bookmark services. Although you still have to log into each service separately no registration is required and webmasters can easily implement the link on their sites using a simple piece of code.
Tag Generator & Social Bookmark Link Creator 2.0 automatically generates the code for the type of links you can see at the bottom of this post.
Bookmark Lists
Listible is an excellent Web 2.0 service that lets you organize resources into shared lists. Once a destination list is defined other users can add links and information to build a collaborative list of resources for that subject. The combination of lists, tagging, commenting and voting makes it much easier than other bookmarking systems to find and manage relevant resources. The voting system lets popular lists and items float to the top for better visibility in the community.
All lists have RSS feeds and there are also aggregated community feeds for tracking new items. For quick subject digging you can change the tag category in the URI for example from http://www.listible.com/tag/bookmark to http://www.listible.com/tag/music.
Community RSS feeds
RSS and Individual Lists
Here’s the URI for a list called "Best Music Creation Programs" with the RSS Feed below.
Here are some lists relevant to social bookmarking:
Listible is rapidly becoming a favourite destination to share and discover useful resources. It’s easy to use, incorporates community style features and with the availability of RSS feeds I can see these lists becoming ubiquitous (think TagWorld, Squidoo etc).
Blinklist is a similar type of service that I also use frequently. There are many more list oriented services popping up such as Lists of Bests and listal (media sharing) to mention just a couple, you can find them in the Web 2.0 resources listed above and further down.
Revenue Sharing Services
Some services are trying user payment models for social search and bookmarking. Mashable writes about PreFound – Social Search + Revenue Sharing and TechCrunch highlights Simpy and Raw Sugar in Del.icio.us Competitors Try Paying Users. Both blogs mention Gravee, another community powered, revenue sharing startup that lets you search, bookmark and tag; here and here respectively.
Social Bookmarks Search and Tag Space Tools
Gada.be a meta-search engine that can search social bookmarks and provide the RSS feeds.
Gnosh is a meta-search tool that allows you to run a search for tags.
Guten Tag a tag search engine that can filter by media type.
Keotags lets you search tags and automates the process of generating tags for your blog posts. 
LiveMarks provides a real-time live preview of latest and popular del.icio.us bookmarks.
Sanjeev.net Top 1000 Bookmarked & Blogged Links (Updated continuously).
Similicio.us lets you enter the URI of a page to find similar resources.
Social SWF aggregates movie clips at del.icio.us ranked according to number of blog posts with direct links.
Thumbilicio.us allows you to search delicious links visually.
Wink also lets you search tag space and produces lots of interesting resources when searching for "bookmarks" or "social bookmarks".
Web 2.0 and Social Bookmarking Resources 
All Things Web 2.0 – "THE LIST" has a comprehensive selection of Bookmarking 2.0 services.
eConsultant Web 2.0 Directory, technical tips & lists.
Free Bookmark Managers is a big listing of tools and services.
Socialbookmarks.be is building a guide and listing for bookmarking services.
Web2.0 Logo has a graphical listing of bookmarking services and everything else.
Web 2.0 World Outline is a handy list of RSS feeds for 2.0 services.

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