Galleries and Lists of Widgets for Blogs, Web Sites and Desktops

Widgets are tools you can use to personalize your web site without knowing HTML. They make it easy to add extra features and functionality to web pages such as games, music, weather reports, photo galleries, job search and much more. Here are some resources for finding them and links to widgets freshly released.
Widget Types and Resources
BBC Radio 1 Musicubes – the Musicubes Constructor lets you build an interactive tower of blocks that represent musical genres. When selected the colourful blocks expand to reveal circular links that connect to radio 1 shows. Selecting a show launches the BBC’s online radio player, each show remains available online for 1 week after the initial live airing (see images below). 
Best Widgets for Music: Roundup in Review – Peter Kirn from presents a selection of Konfabulator and Dashboard widgets for the desktop. 
ClockLink – provides galleries showcasing fashionable clocks that can be embedded in web pages. You can choose from a range of clock face styles and countdown displays with customizable time zones and city locations.
Dashboard Widgets – main resource for Mac OS X mini-applications.
Google Homepage Modules – lets you add modules to your start-page for a wide range of applications.
Microsoft Gadgets – mini-applications designed to enhance an application or service on your Windows PC or the Web. The latest category allows users to build and share their own search macros that can be used on See How to use Window Live Search Macros for further details.
TypePad Widget Gallery – Typepad have partnered with various companies and created a widget directory which makes it easy for bloggers to add new elements to their blogs. If you’re not a TypePad user it’s still worth digging around as this type of viral marketing is generally non-exclusive by definition. For example here’s a link to the Squidoo lens button widget. However to get the additional functionality you do need a TypePad account.

Wikipedia Widgets, Widget Toolkits and Dashboard – overview, technical GUI and Mac OSX app resources. 

Widgetopia – a collection of widgets and UI elements from various websites.

WordPress Widgets – a plugin that eanables users to add widgets to their WordPress installations.

Yahoo! Widgets ( Konfabulator)has a gallery with thousands of desktop widgets built by users.

Metalists and Searches
Blinklist Widgetssocial bookmarks and tags to related resources. metasearch – lets you search various information databases including social bookmarks and blogs.
Listible: Best stuff tu put on your blog sidebar – a shared list of useful widgets that anyone can submit resources to.
Widget Finder – Accessories for Blogs and Social Spaces – my Squidoo lens that helps you to quickly find widgets and hacks for MySpace, MSN Spaces, Xanga, Friendster, Tagworld, hi5, Blogger, WordPress, TypePad and more.

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Musicubes Constructor and Tower

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