Spheric Lounge Electronic Ambient Improvisations

Spheric Lounge is an electronic ambient music project based in Munich. Several times a month an open circle of friends and creative people meet for live performances at various venues. The atmospheric events which feature improvised music, dance and creative visuals are well known within the Munich music scene.
Each live session is recorded and edited for release in mp3 format on the website. The first available session was recorded on the 17th September, 2004. There are now hundreds of titles and over 30 hours of music available under a Creative Commons license. The project is open for future participation through live events and digital production via the Internet.
All sessions and post production are documented at the website in the Sessions area including team members, photos, compositions, locations and even instruments. Supplying documentation is a mark of quality that future generations will value and good photos are beyond verbal descriptions. Many people will appreciate seeing the venues, people, and equipment configurations. 
The Spheric Lounge team have embraced the Open Music philosophy in a stylized and productive fashion. They are succeeding in using grassroots collaboration and live recorded improvisations to produce high quality productions. This is an interesting combination of raw improvisation and digital post production; the framework is electronic ambient/Creative Commons. Ambient music producers, DJs and podcasters will find these recordings a welcome source to build upon for years to come. 
Audio Feeds
You can listen to a continuous audio stream in your browser (Mirpod) or add the m3u-playlist: http://www.sphericlounge.de/all_titles.m3u  to your music player ie WinAmp
Add the following podcast feed to your podcatcher: http://www.sphericlounge.de/sphericlounge.rssin
Related Resources
Livepa is a blog focusing on the art of live electronic music performance where you can learn more about the artists, the music, equipment and events.

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