Desktop Blues Player

Desktopblues is a fun online application that lets you play music via a virtual blues guitarist. You can trigger a selection of guitar licks and vocal phrases using the mouse to create your own version of the blues. Turn the radio option on and you have a handy twelve bar blues backing track to jam along to in E major. The sound toy uses an authentic acoustic blues style played and sung by creator Christian Buehlmann from Winturthur, Switzerland
Added to the Museum of Sound Toys 

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2 responses to “Desktop Blues Player

  1. Hi mate i need help please…
    Would you please tell me how to add music to my space..I have no idea how to do it…
    If you could be so kind to email me back with instructions I would be very gratefull

  2. Hi Scott, you need to add the media player to your space, the instructions are on The Space Craft. It’s also worth checking out the comments on that page for tips and answers to questions.
    Here are some useful Space building resources if you need further help.
    Hack MSN Spaces: Customisation tips and tutorials for MSN Spaces.
    Little Fish Big Pond: MSN Spaces codes and how-tos.
    Pimp My MSN Space: More tutorials and hacks.

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